Friday, June 20, 2008

What!? You mean it's only been a month?

Sorry, I didn't mean to drag on for so long without an update.

We are making what should pan out to be a cool climate (Mendocino or Santa Barbara) Syrah, that incorporates a small amount of Viognier. We are researching vineyards to find out who has the best track record for good picking practices and high quality, properly ripened fruit. Most of the initial wine plan decisions were made on the basis of waiting for the fruit to emerge and show us how to treat it.

The Thursdays at Crushpad have been nothing short of a stinking riot. A little soul food (Hard Knox Cafe!) before hand and in depth, unpretentious wine learning during have turned this into quite the social club.

Yes, the wine plan will be posted soon. No, I haven't received my economic stimulus check (thank you George Bush and the wonderfully competent crew at the IRS.) Its looking like I am going to have to come out of pocket for this one. You are all still invited to participate: the group is Calling All Cali Syrahs, we will need help in coming months for things like names, labels, manual labor :).

I will post as soon as the wine plan is available online.