Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A pause at 1000 mph.

I wrote this at takeoff from SFO on my way to Atlanta:

The view leaving SFO at 7 am is spectacular. The red sky and misty mountains are reminiscent of the opening scene of Top Gun. There is the same feeling of solemn and singular domination over the earth that one receives as they place the first footprints on the fresh grass of a golf course at sunrise. Brutish acceleration and a brisk climb over the skyline brings the entirety of the San Francisco isthmus into view. Its incredible to have the opportunity to place buildings by sight and know that your house is but a mere block away, and that you made this connection from 15,000 feet in the sky. As you climb, ever higher you see the landscape as it awakens; deep purple and reds like a glass of pinot noir. The rivers reflect the pre-dawn sunlight and the fog rests sleepily over the rapidly disappearing houses. You have just left your life behind you at a staggeringly fast 1,000 miles per hour and will soon be arriving in a place that was once home. Four hours from now, you will return to the ground, as a new adventure waits.