Friday, January 4, 2008

OK, I'm tired of being unemployed already.

Is this an issue? Appellation America closes its doors on Wednesday and by Friday, I am completely over having the month off. Maybe its the rain, it is raining harder than I have ever seen it rain in the city, which sucks. I am not so masochistic to venture out for the sake of being out. Its just weird because I feel like I'm on a desert island with food, wine and the Internet.

So technically, I'm not unemployed because if I was, I could collect some of the money that I have been throwing away in taxes for the last forever. This time has allowed for introspection though, am I enjoying what I was doing, etc. That is one conclusion that I have arrived at: I am not thrilled about commuting to a desk again. Sure, I don't mind walking to a desk, or even rolling out of bed to a desk, but I definitely don't like commuting to a desk; desert island no. 2. Wow, it's really raining.

Additionally, I'm not sure how I feel about applying for a job over Craigslist. Sure, its a great place for an employer to post openings, but who wants to sort through 3,000 emails about the same thing (other than Garyvee)? How to utilize the functionality of the Internet while still conveying some kind of personality? Nearly every job that I have ever had was directly procured through fierce determination and persistence. That's not easy to accomplish via the Internet.

OK, I'm done (for the time being); we can chalk today up as job search day 2. More on Monday.