Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When to Blog. . .

To begin, I have a lot of respect for the bloggers out there, especially the ones that I read frequently. I don't know how you do it, but you continue to generate content in an interesting sort of way. Kudos.

Maybe I need a career change.

I love to write when I am confronted with the urge (like right now). It usually means that I have done or experienced something that has stirred up the pen-holding gremlin that lives in my brain. Unfortunately for my gremlin, I have not been a very good host with regards to doing and encountering "gremlin-worthy" things. Is this a "pre-New-Year's-resolution"? I should hope not.

Resolutions are a way for people to shed guilt over things that they either wish they had done (or not done) or over failed attempts to live their dreams. What I like about blogging, is that there are no resolutions, only gaps between entries. I am always confronted by these gaps, and subsequently reminded that "between this time and this time, I didn't do anything noteworthy." Wow, thats kinda rough.

Currently, I am working on a plan to get back into the gym to recapture my marathon body that I was in possession of just two short years ago. No resolution, just resolve. Sounds the same, very different. I could blog about the sweat and the self-loathing-turned-admiration-all-in-one-hour routine of my workout. . .but I've already gained all of the personal gratification from that and I don't think that its particularly interesting (if I am wrong, and you are riveted by thoughts of my working out, please leave a comment and I will be happy to ask you about your last mental health evaluation).

Which brings me to inspiration. If I am not inspired by my daily life, should I be seriously considering radical changes to the way I spend my time? I am thinking so. I love the thought of writing about the amazing food experiences I share with my girlfriend, the obscure wines that I might have and opportunity to try, or the stupid walk that I took, that turned into an adventure. The thought is then crushed by this overwhelming despair that is generated by my 3 hour daily commute and pointless job. Under most circumstances, this would be waaaaaay more than enough for me to split. But there is something keeping me here. . .and I am not sure what it is.

Which brings me to execution. . .Office Space style. That might just be the solution.

In conclusion, I am not the kind of person that will attempt to find inspiration amidst the mundane, routine, or drab (though I know that there are those of you out there that can, and this is no way meant to dispairage what you do or where you get your inspiration.) That's been the weirdest part about this job, is the lack of a trigger to set me into "jump off of this ship" mode. Like at other companies, I could get into an argument with a "supervisor" and immediately know that "Your vales and my values are obviously not in line. You aren't budging and neither am I so, Peace, I'm outta here!" and immediately be on to something else, usually having another job by the end of the day. Here, its so completely mutable that when I say "My values and your values are apparently not in line. . ." the response is more akin to, "well gee, what can we do to accommodate your values and incorporate them into what we do?"

Uh, um. . .well, you could listen to my suggestions, for instance. Done. You could try to incorporate these new things into the plan. Done. Whoa! Hold on a damn second. . .you are supposed to tell me how to do my job, not bend to my idea of what we should be doing. If thats the case, I need a new title, like CEO.

OK, breathe. I got a little off topic, my apologies. Perhaps I just needed to say that. But the issue remains the same, I am not finding inspiration in the way that live my life. In the next installment, we will explore potential solutions and their consequences, or I will have just quit and liberated myself in the brash and fierce style of my youth. Either way, I win. Thanks for reading. Peace, I'm outta here!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Monterey doesn't suck.

New York has the Hamptons, Charleston for the South, and I just discovered Monterey as the perfect escape from San Francisco.
The Spindrift Hotel was incredible. Literally feet from the ocean and equipped with a wood burning stove and squishy, king-sized bed. It wasn't difficult to forget about San Francisco.

This post will focus primarily upon the fireplace. How many of you have a fireplace, and either never use it or light it and pay it no more attention afterwards? I'd say most (myself included). This is part of what made our trip incredible. . .the TV was in a cabinet with doors, and the fireplace took center stage, complete with comfy chairs that would make a Starbucks jealous.
It was immediately captivating to my girlfriend and I, who converse often, but usually not at length or without distraction. After leaving our tourist-[over]priced seafood dinner (if you go, venture into Monterey's downtown, its much more rewarding) the only thing on both of our minds was the fireplace and the wine be had brought.

We arrived at the fireplace near 6:30 PM, and didn't leave again until noon the next day, save a small break to sleep. Words flowed like water and for tow people that see each other every day, there was a delightful sense of rediscovery and interest in what the other had to say.

This will become a tradition for my birthday.